Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

I'm a technology researcher and investor. As a research partner with Lunar Ventures, a deep tech fund, I try to figure out what the future looks like and invest in startups building it. Previously, I led the development of the Outlier Ventures investment strategy called Convergence focused on the intersection of blockchains with the Internet of Things and AI. My background was as a technology analyst covering emerging technologies. Today I'm interested in:

  • data infrastructure like data unions and data markets
  • privacy-enhancing technology like homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation
  • hardware, software and algorithms for efficient computing like FPFAs/ASICs and photonics

⚡ Lunar Ventures

Research Partner (2020 - )

Lunar Ventures is a European seed fund investing in deep tech. We focus on technology at the overlap of deep-tech and software, building the next computing infrastructure with scalable algorithms. The fund has made 9 investments: Mutable, Mobius, Kyso, Molecule, Neurolabs, Zama, NannyML, deepset, and Neuro. My most recent paper was on privacy-enhancing technologies. 👉 Website

🚀 Outlier Ventures

Partner (2016 - )

Outlier Ventures is a Web3 accelerator. I joined in 2016 as the third team member to develop our investment strategy focused on next-generation data infrastructure. We've made 56 investments including Brave, Ocean Protocol, and 👉 Website

🎓 RadicalxChange

Fellowship Lead (2020 - 2021): Radicalxchange is a social movement for next-generation political economies.